Living Divani

Perfection and harmony in the proportions and taste of understated luxury are the sign of recognition of Living Divani, the dynamic and lively family-run company that has made its trademark upholstery. From the early 70s to today, the company traces a precise path, establishes an intense dialogue with contemporaneity and becomes one of the reference points in the design scene. Strategic is the collaboration with Piero Lissoni, who since 1988 in the dual role of Art Director and designer, orchestrates the unique style.

Next to the living area, the sleeping and outdoor areas have harmoniously developed over time. The beds are the natural development of the sofas, sober and neutral shapes. For the exterior, on the other hand, dedicated fabrics with a precise and solid feel are already used for the interior.

Fidelio is official dealer of the Living Divani brand.

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