Inkiostro Bianco

A French company specializing in wallpaper, fabric, wall coverings and accessories that characterize the environment thanks to refined textures and warm, natural colors. The materials used emanate a charm made of imperfections, irregularities and design. The collections are represented by exclusive designs, always different colors and, through careful research, the company experiments and reinterprets the raw materials thanks to original production techniques and machinery created ad hoc.

A complete outfit for the rooms (floor, wall, ceiling, pieces of furniture): Inkiostro Bianco can give a completely new look to every space. Every project is a unique experiment carried out with proficiency and extreme care for details. An expert advice is the first step towards the expression of your own style: the total look of the surfaces determines a radical and unexpected change.

Fidelio is official dealer of the Inkiostro Bianco brand.