Designed for the city of Ragusa, this showroom, located in the heart of the city, is the most sought after: an open space of 400 square meters for a height of 5 meters in which each object is enhanced in an elegant and refined in which Nothing is left to chance.

Refinement in the selection of pieces and materials, creativity in solutions and maximum attention in the choice of the proposal are the watchwords of this showcase that welcomes the most important design brands, with whom we share the focus on technological innovation, the recovery of artisanal techniques and the love for historical pieces, icons of design, able to strongly characterize the environment representing a timeless value


Via Archimede, 115 – 97100 Ragusa
Tel: +39 0932 654605


Orario Invernale:
Lun 16.00 /20.00
Mar/Sab 9.00 /13.00 – 16.00 /20.00


Orario Estivo:
Lun 16.30 /20.30
Mar/Sab 9.00 /13.00 – 16.30 /20.30
Fidelio Ispica:    +39 0932 700037
Fidelio Ragusa: +39 0932 1913981
Fidelio Studio:   +39 0932 654605
Via L. da Vinci 2, Ispica (RG) 
Via G. Carducci 145,  Ragusa 
Via Archimede 115,  Ragusa

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